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“Subdivision of Agricultural Land Act, 1970” – South African Government

09 October 1970

“…BE IT ENACTED by the State President, the Senate and the House of Assembly of the Republic of South Africa, as follows:-

1. In this Act, unless the context otherwise indicates(i) “agricultural land” means any land, except-
(a) land situated in the area of jurisdiction of a municipaL council, city council, town . council, village council, village management council, local board, health board or health committee, and land forming part of, in the province of the Cape of Good Hope, a local area established under section 6 (I) (i) of the Divisional Councils Ordinance, 1952 (Ordinance No. 15 of 1952 of that province}, and, in the province of Natal, a public health area as defined in section 1 of the Local Health Commission (Public Health Areas Control) Ordinance, 1941 (Ordinance No. 20 of 1941 of the last-mentioned province), and, in the province of the Transvaal, a local area Committee established under section 21 (1) of the Transvaal Board for the Development of Peri-Urban Areas Ordinance, 1943 (Ordinance No. 20 of 1943 of the Transvaal)…” – South African Government

Read the full policy document from South African Government.

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