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Mielie belt move hindered by a lack of title deeds

02 April 2015

‘We’re losing a lot of good agricultural land, the best, in Mpumalanga because of the coal mines’ – Grain SA.

By Andre Janse van Vuuren and Tshepiso Mokhema

South Africa’s biggest grains lobby said a lack of title deeds in the nation’s poorest province is hindering a plan to move the mielie belt west as coal mines take over some of the best land for crops.

South Africa, the world’s biggest white-mielie producer after Mexico, wants to raise annual output in the Eastern Cape ninefold to 1 million metric tons by 2018 as coal mining renders land unsuitable for farming in the eastern province of Mpumalanga, the Bureau for Food and Agricultural Policy said in a report.

Read the full article from Moneyweb.


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