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Massive Pretoria land claim by Boer Afrikaner

04 May 2015

Another huge land claim is set in the “new East” of Pretoria, but this time it’s a Boer Afrikaner claiming land. The claim includes the Roodeplaat dam area in the north of the city and runs all the way through parts of the city to the Bronkhorstspruit dam and Boksburg on the East Rand, including Verwoerdburg southeast of the city and all the way to Balmoral.

The claim was submitted by Dave Christie at the Central Transvaal Commission for the Restitution of Land Rights which includes the entire Roodeplaat dam area based on the allegation that the land was illegally expropriated from his great-grandmother, Catherine Logan, by the Union of South Africa.

Read the full article from South Africa Today.

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