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Cost for cleaning up old mines almost R60bn

19 August 2015

Cost for cleaning up old mines almost R60bn

By Paul Vecchiatto

Many of them located close to urban areas, putting people’s health at risk.

Closing South Africa’s owner-less and derelict mines and draining polluted water from the operations could cost almost R60 billion ($6.6 billion), government departments said.

The cost to close and make the mines safe was estimated at R45.1 billion, and a further R2 billion for old asbestos pits, according to a study by the Department of Mineral Resources and the Council for Geoscience. Cleaning up toxic water leaking from mines, known as acid-mine drainage, would cost about R10 billion, Marius Keets, chief director at the Department of Water Affairs, told lawmakers in Cape Town on Wednesday.

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