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The ‘land question’ from the point of view of the land

21 October 2015

By Garry Paterson

The ‘land question’ from the point of view of the land

Garry Paterson explains why, although South Africa is such a large country, there is so little usable arable land

The question of “land” in South Africa as determined by the natural resources

Land is an emotive issue in South Africa, for a variety of political, economic and other reasons. However, it is important to understand some of the aspects relating to the potential quality of the land before coming to any conclusion or taking any decision regarding its possible use.

Land can be used for virtually any purpose, but this article will focus mainly on the agricultural aspects of land. This is important because the range of possible agricultural enterprises is directly and specifically limited by the various land characteristics, as well as the fact that, for optimum food security in South Africa at all levels of production, the sustainable use of the natural resources is essential.

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