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New book gives insight into history of early pioneers in the Soutpansberg

20 November 2015

By Anton van Zyl

Almost without anyone noticing in the Soutpansberg district, a new book was published which gives unique and detailed insights into the history of the region in the years 1850 to 1913. The book, published by an American professor, focuses on land surveying and how this arduous task was carried out amid wars, political struggles and diseases. All this happened in often the most remote and inaccessible landscapes.

The author, Lindsay Frederick Braun, presents two distinct episodes of struggle over lands and livelihood in the book. In the first few chapters he focuses on the Eastern Cape, but then the attention moves to the northern parts of the then Transvaal. He discusses the “land of the Ramabulana” and looks at the rise and the fall of Paramount Chief Mphephu.

Read the full article from Zoutnet.

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