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“DRDLR on its 4th quarter 2015/16 performance; Restitution of Land Rights Amendment Act Constitutional judgement: legal opinion” – PMG

Date of Meeting: 24 August 2016

Chairperson: Ms P Ngwenya-Mabila (ANC)


“The Department achieved 56% of Q4 targets and 50% of Annual Performance Report targets in its Administration programme while annual targets on vacancies filled and disciplinary cases were partially achieved. In Geospatial and Cadastral Services, the Department achieved 77% of its Q4 targets and 69% of its APR targets. The Rural Development programme achieved 71% of its Q4 targets and 86% of its APR targets. The annual target for establishment of rural information desks was not achieved and the target of jobs created was partially achieved. The Restitution programme achieved 100% of its Q4 and APR targets. The Land Reform programme achieved 55% its Q4 targets and 64% of its APR targets. While the Department’s annual target of land acquired was partially achieved, land under RECAP allocated to smallholder farmers was not achieved. The Land Tenure and Administration (LTA) programme achieved 60% for both its Q4 targets and APR targets. In summary, the DRDLR achieved 68% of its Q4 targets and 71% at APR.” – PMG

Read the full article from PMG.

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