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“The political economy of land struggle in Brazil under Workers’ Party governments” – Journal of Agrarian Change

21 November 2016

By Sérgio Sauer and  George Mészáros

“This paper analyses the agrarian policies of the governments of Presidents Lula (2003–2010) and Dilma Rousseff (2011–2016) in the light of the contradiction between the historical support for land reform and agrarian social movements by the Workers’ Party (PT) on the one hand, and the PT’s more recent electoral and political alliances with agribusiness on the other. After more than a decade of progressive administrations, key government programmes have only accounted for marginal gains and in some cases setbacks, symbolized by the failure to expand the expropriation of new land and settle landless families on an adequate scale. The collapse of those alliances and 2016’s impeachment process of President Rousseff marks the end of that cycle, highlighting strategic and policy failures. The paper examines government actions, the historical causes and roots of land conflicts, and struggles for land and territory, as well as the difficulties of mobilization…” – Journal of Agrarian Change

Read the full article from Journal of Agrarian Change.

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