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“Effects of land use change on streamflow and stream water quality of a coastal catchment” – AJOL


05 January 2017

By CR Petersen, NZ Jovanovic, DC Le Maitre and MC Grenfell

“This study aimed to link land cover/use change to water quality in an important water supply coastal catchment. The approach followed a spatial and temporal analysis of historical catchment land use change to assess how changes influenced water quality and river flow in the Touws and Duiwe Rivers, southwestern Cape, South Africa. Each sub-catchment has unique characteristics which influence land use and water quality and the purpose was to analyse each one separately. Historical water quality and flow analysis were based on the records available (Duiwe River: 1998–2013; Touws River: 1980–2013) together with rainfall data…” – AJOL

Read the full article from AJOL.

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