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“Race discrimination baked into Regulation of Agricultural Land Holdings Bill – AfriBusiness” – Politicsweb

24 March 2017 

By Charles Castle

“…According to the Regulation of Agricultural Holdings Bill foreign landowners who intend to sell agricultural land must first offer same to the Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform (currently Gugile Nkwinti) for purchase, and if the Minister does not wish to acquire the land then it must be offered to a black person as defined in the Employment Equity Act, 1998 (Act no. 55 of 1998). Only thereafter may the property be offered for purchase to a white individual, which is a blatant form of direct discrimination against a minority group. Local agricultural landowners will, according to the Bill, be obliged to first offer land that they want to sell to a black person and then to the Minister…” – Politicsweb

Read the full article from Politicsweb.

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