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“Tsitsing Community takes the Royal Bafokeng Chief to Court over unlawful evictions” – Bafokeng Land Buyer’s Association

14 March 2017 

“…Tsitsing Community will on the 16 March 2017 at the Court, argue these RBN eviction orders on the grounds that the RBN is not the owner of the affected land as they claim; that the affected lands and the ownership thereof, are in fact disputed issues in the ongoing case 999/08 between the parties at the same court; that customarily, the RBN does not have powers to allocate land at village community level, and that such power is vested with Kutle and Lekgotla at the village community level…” – Bafokeng Land Buyer’s Association

Read the full article from Bafokeng Land Buyer’s Association.

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