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“Land Bill’s political value: Is President Zuma trying to capture the Zulu king?” – Biznews

20 April 2017 

By Anthea Jeffery

“Much of the commentary on the Regulation of Agricultural Land Holdings Bill of 2017 (the Bill) has focused on its potentially ruinous consequences for commercial farmers, the country’s food security, and the economy as a whole. These socio-economic concerns are vitally important and provide more than enough reason to abandon the Bill.
Less appreciated, however, is the possible political value of the Bill to President Jacob Zuma and his supporters. That impact is likely to be particularly strong in KwaZulu-Natal, where support for Mr Zuma is wavering and his faction – though still in control of the ANC’s provincial executive committee – faces litigation over the regional election which brought it to power, plus significant criticism of Mr Zuma’s recent cabinet reshuffle…” – Biznews

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