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“Let’s not let the commitment to radical land reform slip” – politicsweb

19 May 2017

By Themba Mthembu

“…This year 2017 began with a highly pitched intonation around the land issue as part of political monologue from different political players, and the ANC is no less an interlocutor on the matter. The Land issue represents a stark reminder that in spite of the long road travelled since our democratic breakthrough the footprints of colonialism and apartheid in our country are as deeply entrenched as before. The issue of land dispossessions is synonymous with the struggle against white oppression in South Africa. In fact the land question has always occupied the overarching political question for the liberation movement. The freedom charter dedicated much of the compelling clauses on land as a foremost urgent political question within the context of anti-colonial struggle…” – politicsweb

Read the full article from politicsweb.

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