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“Oliver Tambo Centenary Series, Part 3: Does the Constitution stand in the way of radical land reform?” – Daily Maverick

05 May 2017

By Albie Sachs

“In a four-part lecture delivered as part of the Oliver Tambo Centenary Series different aspects of the Constitution will be tackled and tied in to critical issues facing the country right now. In part three we look at the issue of property rights and redistribution of land. Hot debates are raging on how this should be accomplished and on the necessity, if any, for compensation. One proposal is that the Constitution needs to be amended to remove the requirement of paying just and equitable compensation for land expropriated for redistribution. The debate has extraordinary resonance for almost all South Africans. As one of the ANC negotiators at Kempton Park who worked directly on the question of property and land redistribution, I would like to contribute certain reflections of my own to the debate…” – Daily Maverick

Read the full article from Daily Maverick.

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