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“Take the land without compensation, the constitution is getting in the way. Zulu” – The South African

04 May 2017 

By Ezra Claymore

“Minister of small business development Lindiwe Zulu has added her voice to the ‘land without compensation’ drive seen among some in the ANC who have realised that they’ve been doing next to nothing for the last few years and risk losing even more support if they don’t get a solid PR strategy in place in the run-up to the 2019 general election. Speaking at the World Economic Forum in Durban – lol – on Wednesday, Zulu said the law is preventing the redistribution of land to black people – because it has nothing to do with inept government departments handing out land to their mates instead of the people who’ve been on waiting lists for years…” – The South African

Read the full article from The South African.

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