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“What Can Agricultural Land Use Planning Contribute to Food Production and Food Policy?” – International Journal of Avian & Wildlife Biology

26 May 2017 

By Antonia Bousbaine, Cherine Akkari and Christopher Bryant

“Food Security and Food Sovereignty are two of the most important issues facing Food Policy. Maintaining productive farmland and sustainable farms as well as providing adequate volumes of foodstuffs have led to measures to protect farmland and farm activities in many countries. These include land use planning with agricultural zones and in some jurisdictions legislation to ‘protect’ agriculture in agricultural reserves. Are these tools adequate to maintain sustainable agricultures particularly around major urban and metropolitan centers. Agricultural zones and agricultural reserves in many jurisdictions have continued to experience removal of farmland in order to permit different types of urban development…” – International Journal of Avian & Wildlife Biology

Read the full article from International Journal of Avian & Wildlife Biology.

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