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“Speech of Mr Jeremy Cronin, MP, Deputy Minister of Public Works, in the debate on Property Clause Limitation” – ANC Parliamentary Caucus

13 June 2017

“Speeding up Land Reform by using the limitiation clause in the Constitution to bypass the failed ‘Willing Seller, Willing Buyer Policy. The land question in South Africa is a deeply emotive issue – and rightly so. White South Africans in particular need to understand this reality. The history of colonial and apartheid genocidal dispossession of land, livestock, crops, livelihoods, the enslavement of the Khoi and San peoples (those that survived the genocide) all of this has left a deep scar on our society. It underpins the continued racialised crises of poverty, inequality, unemployment and social distress for the great majority…” – ANC Parliamentary Caucus

Read the full article from ANC Parliamentary Caucus.

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