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“Addressing land redistribution through the One Household One Hectare Policy” – Politicsweb

17 July 2017 

By Yolisa Mfaise

“…Over the years, the DRDLR has had various programmes with similar objectives to the 1HH 1H programme; specifically aimed at supporting government’s land redistribution. Between 1994 and 1999, the Settlement Land Acquisition Grant (SLAG) programme was introduced. Through SLAG qualifying rural dwellers, farm workers and farm dwellers a grant to purchase and develop agricultural land. The programme’s objective was to improve secure tenure and livelihoods by providing access to and productive resources for beneficiaries. Following various challenges with the SLAG programme, in 2001 the department introduced the Land Redistribution for Agricultural Development programme (LRAD) to replace SLAG…” – Politicsweb

Read the full article from Politicsweb.

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