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“Mapping and estimating land change between 2001 and 2013 in a heterogeneous landscape in West Africa: Loss of forestlands and capacity building opportunities” – ScienceDirect

30 July 2017 

By Hèou Maléki Badjana, Pontus Olofsson, Curtis E. Woodcock, Joerg Helmschrot, d, Kpérkouma Wala and
Koffi Akpagana

“In West Africa, accurate classification of land cover and land change remains a big challenge due to the patchy and heterogeneous nature of the landscape. Limited data availability, human resources and technical capacities, further exacerbate the challenge. The result is a region that is among the more understudied areas in the world, which in turn has resulted in a lack of appropriate information required for sustainable natural resources management. The objective of this paper is to explore open source software and easy-to-implement approaches to mapping and estimation of land change that are transferrable to local institutions to increase capacity in the region, and to provide updated information on the regional land surface dynamics…” – ScienceDirect

Read the full article from ScienceDirect.

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