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“A proposal to end insecurity of land tenure in South Africa” – GGA

11 August 2017 

By Rosalie Kingwell

“…property law is premised on a rigid hierarchy of rights which privileges individual, titled ownership registered at the Deeds Registry. These rights are backed up by rigorous systems of land administration. The various pieces of legislation enacted in a bid to strengthen security of tenure of off-register rights have no comparable governance framework for effective administration thereof. (I will use the term off-register to cover all other rights that are not registered, although they are not all the same.) This undermines implementation of existing laws and renders land holders with off-register land rights, an estimated 60 per cent of the population, vulnerable to dispossession.  Their position has been exacerbated by the dismantling of apartheid era land administration systems without putting functional alternatives in their place…” – GGA

Read the full article from GGA.

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