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“Eastern Pretoria land claim continues – AfriBusiness” – Politicsweb

22 August 2017

By Armand Greyling

“AfriBusiness and its legal team had a pre-trial meeting at the Land Claims Court in Randburg over the Lekhuleni land claim, which was instituted in respect of properties in the eastern parts of Pretoria. The pre-trial mainly focussed on resolving issues that will have to be dealt with during the trial, which will probably commence later this year. This means that only final affidavits will have to be filed as the matter is ready to be heard. AfriBusiness is requesting that the Land Claims Court’s decision – that the Lekhuleni claim is valid – be overturned, as the administrative discretion in this case lies solely with the Land Claims Commissioner…” – Politicsweb

Read the full article from Politicsweb.

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