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“Land Reform in the Republic of South Africa: Social Justice or Populism?” – De Gruyter

08 September 2017 

By Arkadiusz Żukowski

“In the paper land reform in South African political discourse will be investigated, especially the process of its politicization. How the topic of land reform is used by political forces, especially the ruling party; the African National Congress and current President Jacob Zuma. Does the Republic of South Africa take a populist turn on land reform or is it some kind of social justice after the suppression of the apartheid era and decades before? The political disputes and decisions will be analysed in confrontations with the fundamentals and values of a democratic state as a guarantee of property rights, private ownership and free market principles (dilemma of the problem of willing buyer – willing seller)…” – De Gruyter

Read the full article from De Gruyter.

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