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“Land reform mirage: ANC govt fails to take property rights seriously” – Biznews

07 July 2017 

By Chris Hattingh

“…The poor will be mired in poverty and uncertainty until guaranteed property rights. A new study from UWC (University of the Western Cape) and Rhodes University, focused on farms in the Eastern Cape, reveals that although poor families and communities have ‘access’ to state land (ie, ‘occupy’ it), because they are not granted title, they serve as nothing more than de facto security guards for the state. They are not free to use in just any way or improve the state land which they are supposed to own to gain any lasting benefit for themselves or their families. Until the true value of rightful ownership is recognised and realised, this is a quagmire that will continue to suck in the potential wealth of poor South Africans…” – Biznews

Read the full article from Biznews.

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