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“Anthea Jeffery: Bad news for some Jhb suburbs from the Expropriation Bill” 29.04.2015

Dr. Anthea Jeffery is Head of Policy Research at the IRR and author of Patents and Prosperity: Invention + Investment = Growth + Jobs, published this week by the IRR and available on the IRR website.
Dr. Anthea Jeffery is Head of Policy Research at the IRR.

29 April 2015

By Anthea Jeffery

The Expropriation Bill of 2015 (the Bill) will allow ‘a decisive shift away from apartheid spatial planning to more inclusive settlements close to places of work’, said ANC spokesman Zizi Kodwa earlier this week.This is a goal very many South Africans would endorse. But how many know how the Bill would work in practice, or what its wider ramifications are likely to be?

A practical example may help to show the likely consequences. In Orange Grove in Johannesburg, for instance, many black and white South Africans have homes or business premises adjoining the Rea Vaya bus route at the heart of the Government’s proposed ‘Corridors of Freedom’.

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