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No right to waive law of the land

30 April 205

IN making his pronouncements on the nudist beach, it does not occur to El Lobo that the Hibiscus Coast Municipality Speaker, Councillor Ronnie Nair, has absolutely no right to waive the law of the land and permit nudity in what remains a public place open to all (“Religious leaders should concentrate on assisting their parishioners”, 24 April).

Reverend Mike Effanga has every right, both personally and on behalf of those he represents, to object when the municipality unilaterally takes the law into its own hands. El Lobo asks, “What right has Rev. Effanga (chairman of the Concerned Citizens of the Hibiscus Coast) to confront nudists on the beach concerning their attire?” Evidently it has escaped the notice of El Lobo that these nudists have no “attire” and that others, including nearby residents and their children have every right to object to sharing the public domain with nudists. This beach is a public amenity in a residential area that people chose to make their homes in, and our municipality has wrongfully forced these residents and ratepayers to condone the nudity or refrain from using the beach.

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