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126 Marabastad traders given title deeds

22 June 2015

By Jonisay Maromo

Pretoria – The Tshwane municipality on Monday handed title deeds to 126 traders operating in Pretoria’s turbulent inner city’s Marabastad section, many of whom have been here since the apartheid years but were denied formal ownership.

“Marabastad is part of the broader inner city and there is a lot of work we are doing to re-invigorate the Tshwane inner city. Historically, Marabastad is a centre of commerce and trade – during its glory days,” said Tshwane municipality’s member of the mayoral committee (MMC) for economic development and planning Subesh Pillay.

He said the granting of title deeds documents to the land and building owners enabled the business people to get funds from financial institutions for investment into the area.

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