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7 key ANC decisions you need to know about

President Jacob Zuma (Gianluigi Guercia, AFP)

12 October 2015

President Jacob Zuma (Gianluigi Guercia, AFP)

President Jacob Zuma (Gianluigi Guercia, AFP)

By Genevieve Quintal

Johannesburg – The ruling African National Congress (ANC) drafted an ambitious to-do list at its national general council (NGC) meeting.

Below are some key resolutions adopted during the mid-term review conference in Midrand.

… 4. Give half of farmland to workers

The ANC wants the government to strengthen the security of tenure for farm workers. The party proposed that commercial farmers give 50% of their equity to their workers and replace the “willing buyer, willing seller” land distribution policy with the Property Valuation Act of 2014.

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