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Please note that we are continuously adding data layers to the map

Click on the image to navigate through the map of land and farm structures in South Africa.





Quick User Guide to the Land Data Mapping Portal

3 Step Reports

Step 1: Find an area of Land you are interested in, Zoom in and out.

Step 2: Identify the area of land, Single Click on the required piece of land. (Boundary or Farm is highlighted and Information regarding the Land Boundary or Farm is Displayed in popup).

Step 3: Generate Report, select report type from Information pop up. (Once completed the report will be available for download in PDF or XLS format).

There are three (3) types of reports you can choose from; Land Use Comparison, Land Capability, and Farm Size.

To see a more detailed User guide, please click below


Please note that we will roll out much more features as the data processing proceeds. Check this page for updates!
Let us know which features you would like to see on the map by using the link below. Do not forget to join the Land Community to help informed decision-making on land in South Africa.



Is the data outdated? Missing? Help us by sending your contribution to the Land Observatory.